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Turtle Butt

  • Yellow/Green

Patterns for sale:

  • Persephone's Pants, $5.50
    Persephone Shorties
  • Persephone's Tunic, $5
  • One Skein Hat and Wristlettes $4
  • Corrugated Hat $3
  • Corrugated Scarf $3
  • Wandering Waves $5
    Wandering Waves
  • Ripples $5
  • Swirling Ribs $5
  • Slobber Soaker $3
  • Screwball $4
  • Persephone Tunic and Pant set $8
  • Adorabubble Baby Britches $7
  • Sideways Britches $8
  • Turtle Butt $5.50

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March 09, 2011


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What a great donation!
There is also Yahoo's "MilkShare" group and "Eats on Feets" on Facebook as other sources of breastmilk. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all babies had breastmilk, and if all moms knew of the importance of breastmilk!

Melanie Hoffman

Super like!  As my friend Emma says, "Breastmilk is not some sort of scarce commodity; it is a free flowing resource."  I hope that someday milk sharing will me less taboo, just like breastfeeding is becoming.


I LOVE HM4HB!! I'm about to be in situation #3 (yippeeeeee!!) and want so desperately to give her breastmilk, for so many reasons. Thank you for writing about this!

Melanie Hoffman

That's wonderful, Carolie! Congratulations! I'm so excited that HM4HB's is helping getting milk to adopted babies possible. Happy dance!


I struggled with feeding through three children until I was diagnosed this time with Insufficient Glandular Tissue. Because of a connection through EOF I was able to find someone willing to donate so that I could supplement with breast milk this time instead of formula. I'm so grateful!

Melanie Hoffman

Oh Tina, thats so wonderful!  Thank you for sharing.


Wonderful post! I too wish milk sharing was less taboo, and a more common practice!

I fall into category #1. When my son was two weeks old I had an IBCLC diagnose me with tuberous breast deformities and a particularly severe case of insufficient glandular tissue. I followed a strict routine of nursing for 20 minute on each side, followed by 15 minutes of double pumping. I ate foods conducive to milk production, took fenugreek and blessed thistle, and drank mother's milk tea by the gallon, but after three months of following all my lactation consultant's advice for potentially improving my milk supply, I only managed to go from 1 oz per day to 1.25 oz per day. At the time, I had never heard of homemade infant formula and the sheer cost of obtaining breast milk from a milk bank was prohibitive, so I supplemented my son with commercial baby formula.

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with our second child and will be doing things differently this time around. First, I've read that for some women with IGT the condition is caused by low progesterone levels during pregnancy and that, in those cases, taking natural progesterone during and after pregnancy can greatly improve mammary development. (I will be visiting my lactation consultant in a few days to ask about this option) I'm also just beginning to look into milk sharing, as I really feel that being able to provide my future baby with breast milk is of great importance to his/her health. Thank you so much for the resources!!


We as women havan amazing ability to be connected, i was googling ec split pants and came accross your site, i'm part of hm4hb in vctoria Canada!

Melanie Hoffman

Nice to meet you, Amanda!  :-)

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