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Turtle Butt

  • Yellow/Green

Patterns for sale:

  • Persephone's Pants, $5.50
    Persephone Shorties
  • Persephone's Tunic, $5
  • One Skein Hat and Wristlettes $4
  • Corrugated Hat $3
  • Corrugated Scarf $3
  • Wandering Waves $5
    Wandering Waves
  • Ripples $5
  • Swirling Ribs $5
  • Slobber Soaker $3
  • Screwball $4
  • Persephone Tunic and Pant set $8
  • Adorabubble Baby Britches $7
  • Sideways Britches $8
  • Turtle Butt $5.50

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December 04, 2008


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Wow you would definitely discourage me if I didn't already own a knitting machine. I love mine. I have a Studio standard gauge and would never be without it. I love knitting on it and when I feel the need to cozy up on the sofa with my crafts, I grab my crochet hooks. You don't have to give up one for the other. I thoroughly enjoy both!

Melanie Hoffman

Sorry! I didn't mean for it to end up so anti-machine. They really are just 2 different crafts and I happen to prefer hand-knitting.


I cannot speak for anyone else, but I can tell the difference between a quality hand knit garment, and one that has been done by machine.I notice that machine knittime puts a strain on the yarn and it is stretched by a weight to prevent the yarn from falling off the needles. Hand knit does not require this, thus the yarn retains much of its natural texture. I had thought to get a machine, but really, the highest compliment was to save time. Personally, I prefer handknitting, because I can also incorporate crochet, tunisian stitch or even fabric into the garment as desired.


I can always tell machine made. The yarn has been held stretched too long, and loses its full spring. There is something a little bit cheap looking too about machine knit. Surely machine knitting is quicker, but handknit is quality, so why the rush?

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